Why Work With Us?


Nobody knows the employment market-place better than a professional recruiter...nobody! Street-smart recruiters already know the neighborhood, and have the ability to tap into the right resources to match you with the right job and employer..

Contrary to what some believe, recruiters don't try to fit square pegs into round holes. A recruiter's stock-in-trade is their integrity and their reputation for finding someone better than a company could have found for themselves. That’s where you and I come in! We are a multi-disciplined healthcare staffing resource. Independently owned and operated, our firm subscribes to the strictest standards of business professionalism, ethics, and confidentiality.  

This process is not, as some believe, simply romping through the file cabinets or putting the job opening out to others on the recruiter's network  with crossed fingers that someone good will show up. The process revolves around "Direct Recruiting." Confidentiality and advertising or otherwise publicly displaying your resume will invite numerous calls from agencies and their recruiters. Some have been known to submit your information to a client previous to a conversation with you obtaining your permission. Some recruiters will add   your name to lists, no telling where your personal information will end up. I will keep your information confidential until you give me the green light to add it into my database or submit you to a company for consideration. 


Professional recruiters often recognize and have a duty to inform Clients   that they may be mistaken as to the type of person sought, the salary   required to attract them or the possibilities that the solution might just   lie in areas outside the traditional target industries; we educate clients   when needed. Too many hirers fail to understand that a professional recruiter's primary function is not necessarily to fill a slot but to provide the right candidate to solve a problem; a win-win for you and the client! I negotiate for you.

Master negotiator Herb Cohen says that "negotiation is the analysis of information, time and power to affect behavior -the meeting of needs (yours and others') to make things happen the way you want them to." As a buffer and informed intermediary, the professional recruiter is better able to blend the needs and wants of both parties to arrive at a mutually   beneficial arrangement without the polarizing roadblocks which too frequently materialize in face-to-face dealings… compromising your position and job opportunity.  

In Conclusion  

It is often said that the majority of job openings are not advertised in the newspaper. This is true. By the same token, however, the majority of good   candidates for highly specialized positions will not be looking through the classified ads on any given Sunday. Through experience, we have found that some of the best candidates we've presented to companies were not looking to make a change, or even considering doing so, before we approached you with an outstanding opportunity - one that offers substantial career growth and job satisfaction.  

I am very hands-on and will work closely with you during each step of the process.


  • I will act astalent agent. I will spend time learningyour work history, your relevant experience, your career goals and accomplishments.
  • I will present you to companies that will benefit from your skills and experience by providing insight regarding your resume to help present your experience in the most accurate and effective manner.
  • I willcompanies that meet your requirements for the best next step in your career.
  • I will presentin a positive manner.
  • I will set upinterviews, taking care of all the details. I will preparebefore interviews. I’ll discuss with you details about the hiring manager, the company and the job description, including what they look for in a successful candidate. I will support you when you're feeling anxious about the process
  • I will debrief after interviews, openly and honestly addressing any concerns the company might have.
  • Before the final interview, I will negotiate acompensation and benefits package with the company so that the situation be a win-win one for you and the client.
  • I will walk you through the resignation processcover the counteroffer.
  • After you join the new team, I will follow up withon your first day, after two weeks and after 30 days. If you have any issues throughout the process,matter how small, we will work together to resolve them.

I want to be a partner in your success; your talent agent for the rest of your career; similar to choosing a doctor or lawyer, you owe it to yourself and your career to spend some time making sure that your Healthcare expert is truly best suited to fit your needs.  

Why Use My Services?